Rizon is a band based in the Zürich area, Switzerland. Their sound is a focused and one-of-a-kind combination of powerful melodies, energetic hooks and massive tones, inspired by rock and metal music.

The international line-up consists of Matt Götz (voc), Anastasia Panagiotou (voc), Reto Hähnel (gtr), Chris Götz (gtr), Marco Küderli (keyb), Maik Kindermann (bass) and Tom Lindegger (drs).

The group’s origins date back to 1997. This was an exciting time for music, at the height of grunge and post-punk, at its hottest game, with hard rock acts like Guns’N’Roses still going strong. In this amazing era, the group came together with its original members. With few changes in the line-up through the years, their sound has grown more and more focused. Rizon eventually developed a cool melodic power metal tone, with a charming retro twist and some unique vibes.

The history of Rizon

The beginning...

Rizon was founded as a school band in May 1997 by Mattias Götz (vocals), Christian Götz (guitar) and Marco Küderli (keyboards), with Marcel Hodel on bass guitar and René Hupjan playing drums. At that time they were playing cover songs while beginning to write their own music. During this early period there were frequent changes in the line-up which, to some extent, hindered the development of the band. By the time Tom Lindegger joined as drummer in 2001 they were playing largely their own compositions. Tom began shaping the rhythm section using his intense and diverse style, a crucial step forward. With the additions of Jim Dodd (bass), John Wardle (guitar) and Franziska Germann (vocals), Rizon`s distinctive sound began to emerge. The resulting mixture of energetic rhythms, harmonic guitars and symphonic keys overlayed with powerful male/female vocals led the band to christen the sound “Melodic Power Rock”.

Evolution 2005

During the recording of their debut album “Evolution”, John Wardle left the band and was replaced by Mark Wietlisbach (former Leroy, Steve Whitney Band and Purple Lizard guitarist). Mark recorded the lead solos, adding a new style and resonance to compliment the rhythm guitars. The finished album was released, and Rizon went on to perform at well known venues including: Alpenrock House-Kloten, Rock City-Uster and Dynamo in Zürich.

Sudden Life 2008

In the spring of 2008, the band worked on their second album “Sudden Life” at “HOFA” studios in Karlsruhe,Germany with producer Dennis Ward (Krokus,Alannah Myles etc). It was released under the “Karthago Records” Label. Following the release party in October at Dynamo Werk 21 in Zürich, they embarked on a short tour of Switzerland taking in venues such as Z7 in Pratteln, supporting “Tyketto”, The Rock City in Uster, The Tibis club in Bern and once again the Alpenrock House. After about twenty concerts, the final show was staged on the 12th of December at the “Old Casino” Wettingen. This was the last concert together with Franziska, who then parted company with the band. She was replaced a few months later by Seraina Telli, completing the current line-up.

Masquerade 2012

After an intense period of songwriting in 2010, the band recorded in spring until summer 2011 thirteen new songs in their own "Ringstufios", which were grown in the meantime to about 100 square-meters and are located in Volketswil ZH. The concept of the double-leaded vocals was consequently developed further and the female vocals gained more space on the new songs compared to Evolution and Sudden Life.

The new album "Maquerade" was this time accomplished in the far north of Europe: Nino Laurenne from the Sonic Pump Studios in Helsinki mixed the album. Nino did mix and produce beside his own band Thundestone several well known acts, such as Apokalyptika, Lordi, Amorphis and many others. The mastering was done by Svante Forsbäck in the Chartmakers Studios in Helsinki. Svante did bands with huge international success, such as Rammstein, Sonata Arctica and Sunrise Avenue. The album "Masquerade" is released, after the fusion of "Karthago-Records" with "Pure Steel Records", in winter 2012 under the same label as before "Karthago-Records". Bass player Jim Dodd left the band in October 2012 and was replaced by Tilo Preller, a routined Metalbassplayer. Rizon kicked off in January 2013 their Masquerade tour after which, changes on different positions as guitarre, bass-guitarre and female voices were anounced.

Power Plant 2016

Power Plant 2016 The first songs were written in autumn 2013. In spring 2014 Reto Hähnel took over the position on the lead guitar and has since then unmistakably shaped the Rizon sound with his playing. In autumn 2014 the Rizon lineup was completed again; first with Maik Kindermann on bass and finally with Rahel Fischer (We Will Rock You, Spacedream) as singer. The songwriting was already well advanced at that time and the first half of 2015 was dedicated to the recording of the new CD "Power Plant. This time the album was mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen (Doro, Pretty Maids, Amaranthe, Volbeat, etc.) in Denmark. The album was released on March 3rd 2016 and was celebrated by the rock and metal scene all over Europe as one of the best albums of an indie band in 2016.

After concerts as co-headliner with Serenity (AT) and headliner shows in Switzerland, the Power Plant tour continued in 2017 and 2018 and was concluded in autumn 2018 at the Charity Rock Night as support for Swiss metal legend Eluveitie.

2020, the story goes on...

2020, the story goes on... In 2019 Rizon worked again on new songs for their album. Most of the studio recordings were completed in the first half of 2020. Due to the current situation with various restrictions in social life due to the Corona pandemic, the band has decided to postpone the release until mid 2021. Together with the exceptional talent Anastasia Panagiotou, the new female voice of RIZON, the band uses the additional time to perfect the songs, shoot videos and prepare the release in 2021. The final touches to the songs will again be given by producer legend Jacob Hansen.

The Band