Power Plant


1. Nevermore
2. Feel The Heat
3. Midnight Sun
4. If You Rule The World
5. Lost Without You
6. I Follow You
7. Me
8. New Age Dawn
9. No Way Out
10. Timebomb
11. Freedom Of Life (Part I)
12. Freedom Of Live (Part II)

Production and Release Info:

Record Label: Pure Steel / Karthago
Release Date: 1. Mar. 2016
Recorded: Ringstudios CH
Mixed: Jacob Hansen, DK
Mastered: Jacob Hansen, DK


Taste Of Khaos 10/10
A quickening is upon these ears, it's mighty and engaging overtaking everything and give nothing back. Very exceptional dynamics and chemistry.

Time For Metal 10/10
Rizon can convince with Power Plant all along the line and deliver an album which this year still represents an equal opponent in its genre. For me, Power Plant is pretty lonely up there at the top in 2016, at least in the melodic metal area. A very clear recommendation to buy!

The_Metal_Mag 100/100
An amazing album that will capture your soul and lift it to happiness! A beauty , one of the best to come for the next year !!! You're gonna have to wait but it's worthy ;)

Femme Metal Webzine 95/100
The opener “Nevermore” is a great way to start things and the chemistry between the two lead vocalists is undeniable, in fact, I would say that the duo of Matthias Götz and Rahel Fischer are the best male/female vocal combination I have heard in quite some time.

Ravenheart Music 9.5/10
There are 12 songs of catchy, bouncy melodic stuff from this Swiss band... this album is certainly well worth checking out from track 1 through to the awesome track 12.

Metalfactory 9.1/10
If I were a prophet, I would say that one of the best part-time female fronted melodic metal albums this year comes from Zurich's Rizon. But since I'm not a prophet, I would say that "Power Plant" has simply become an extremely strong album.

Stormbringer 4.5/5
For the Melodic Metal listener out there, "Power Plant" surely marks one of the big highlights in 2016.

Metal to Infinity 89/100
... this band can - musical wise – easily hook up with bigger bands in this genre. Rizon delivers a strong, a very strong album. Spread the words, this is some outstanding stuff!

XXL Rock 6/7
So if you're not afraid of pomp, bombast and a little bit of kitsch, but have fun with well done songs full of power, performed by two really cool voices and talented musicians, this is the place to be! Absolutely test it!

MetalGodsTV.com 8/10
Overall, hard hitting, hard rocking, infectious melodic hard rock that is catchy, foot tappingly and head noddingly addictive.

Dangerdog.com 4/5
But fundamentally, Power Plant is Rizon simply being Rizon. They've found their sound in melodic heavy metal, maybe even heavier than in the past... entertaining stuff and recommended.

Power Metal DE 7.5/10
Fragments of the melodic metal style are still essential parts of the band's sound, which also proves once again that you can deliver earthy sounds, even if the keyboard is used almost equally to the guitar. Just keep it up!

Metal Hammer 4/7
Of course, the musicians do not make use of any unknown principle, but they are much more successful in implementing it than some of their colleagues. Rizon also show good hands when it comes to the use of various key jingles. POWER PLANT deserves a chance, and Rizon will be happy to deliver more in the future.

Overall, this is pretty much a gem of modern power metal, if I’m being completely honest, and truly worth a listen if you’re into European power metal. It’s great power metal by a band who truly deserves to be larger than they are.

Hard Rock Info
I have been listening to this album many times now. Simply worth checking out.